Are We a Nation of Quitters?

A letter to the pandemic response cynics

  • Americans to believe we can’t do more than argue about hoaxes and wearing masks amidst widespread sickness and death?
  • The federal government to think we can only blame China and the WHO while abdicating international leadership to prevent uncontrolled spread?
  • The scientific community to believe that we got caught by surprise in February?
  • The health system to think that ingenuity can only be applied to treatments and vaccines rather than preventive measures as well?
  • The CDC to think they couldn’t have overseen redundant test development to ensure a working one in the crucial early stages of community spread?



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Tyson Victor Weems

Non-profit founder, musician, coach, X-C skier/CrossFitter, artist, concerned citizen, mammal (not necessarily in that order). See for more.